You really don’t want to set your verevolves on fire. Because of the smell, primarily.

Game Name: Bloodborne (2015) aka “Budblorne”
Developer: from FromSoftware (King’s Field, Armored Core, Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls)
Platform: PS4 (reviewed on PS4)
Categories: 3rd Person Action (a Human/Alien/Warewilf ménage á trois), Multi-Ending, Multiplayer elements for PSN+ subscribers, Exploration and Backtracking, Shades of Blue and Gray, Furious Flurries of Melee Combat, Piecemeal Storytelling, Procedural Dungeon Extras, Bloodsports, H.P. Lovecraft Inspired, Top Hats and Canes m’lady

May Appeal To: die-hard Miyazaki fans, PS4 exclusivists, Team Jacob, Team Squidbillies, Cthulhu cultists, and (of course) action/horror survival junkies with a proclivity for the macabre and a hankering for the Souls series to don a new theme.
May Repulse: XBox fanbois, Lovecraftian genre abolitionists, Team Edward, and reasonable people expecting a full game without dropping money on the PSN+.

Comparable To: Demon’s Souls’ sense of pioneering new subject material. If you squint real hard, Bloodborne shares otherworldly traits and story with Darkest Dungeon. Dark Souls has a similar environmental hub to this game and I’d say that Dark Souls 2 is much easier to discern due to visual contrast, though Bloodborne sports a unified style. Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne aren’t identical battle systems though they’re forks off of the same Souls iteration. Monster Hunter has analogous weapon transformations. Continue reading

Not My Best Friend…

So, I was at work today and I was talking to one of my coworkers about some interoffice drama bullshit. I might get into that later when the mood strikes me. Any ways I was talking to my coworker and for some reason the raccoon in me was attracted to a shiny rock on her hand. I am usually really good about keeping eye contact and not looking away and blah blah blah but this rock was HUGE! I find that I often do that when I visit my grandparents-in-law. She too has this enormous ring. It is like that special diamond that comes out on that movie Congo with the crazy ancient killer apes. Well the diamond is supposed to be able to set of this crazy laser gun. Both rings are so big, and despite having already seen it, I cannot look away. I want to ‘cause I don’t want to make them uncomfortable, but wearing something of that size is like painting a big red dot on the center of the Mona Lisa. There is no way that you will not be able to not look at that red dot.

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Not Making Myself A Liar

I recently ran in to an old “friend” from college. BUT Before I continue let me say how weird that feels to say that. It sounds like such a cliché. As if I was that old, but still.  Any way, so I run into this “friend” from college that used to take some of the same creative writing classes I took. I think we were both drawn to them because of Dr. Jackson. He was this incredible professor that really allowed you to write. He was the very definition of freedom of expression. Encouraged you to just write whatever the hell came to your mind. There was never a wrong way to write as long as you were expressing yourself.

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