Random Thoughts

7/18/2014: …

7/17/2014: I’m sick of the self serving stories written by authors writing of authors or screenplays expulsing vain, tired, stereotypical tales revolving around “making it in the city”, possibly setting the stage for a character overcoming the trials of getting material published. Stephen King lit that spark and indie movies propel the torch, reinforcing how uninteresting the “Making Of” video about the process of that same video can be. Set a minimalist budget to acoustic whining, add an awkward chick, and you’ve got profit.

7/16/2014: “Montezuma’s Revenge” is the most amusing historical anecdote regarding disease-assisted conquering, but one must occasionally wonder at the compatibilities of Earth or its humans to visiting spacefarers. It’s not ridiculous to believe that a glass of water, hearty handshake, or a sneeze could all fell a visitor though I’d like to imagine the spirit of interstellar travel would be actualized by minds capable of a simple helmet. You know, the technology scientists are always removing in actor-driven sci fi farces?

7/15/2014: Aqueducts, sewers, hospitals, and the CDC…. All indicators that a people turns creative to combat the choice of living in close proximity. A game called Endless Space goes as far to allow research into behavioral modification to cram your now-tolerant aliens in ever-increasing numbers into ever-static square footage. IRL, travel to/from countries opens up unseen avenues for infection to ecosystems undreamt, brushing aside the problems of secondhand smoke and producing one’s own food.

7/14/2014: I’ve always been curious as to what an orchestra sounds like without the conductor, that emphatically gesturing tux whose contribution to the majesty is to waggle a magician’s baton. Seems like the job could mostly be done by anyone who recognizes rhythm…. or showed up for the grueling rehearsals. In fact, the entire assembly seems quite comfortable with their instruments and performance, though it’s but one aggrandized, perspiring person whom wildly absorbs the crowd’s adulation. Expelliarmus!

7/13/2014: That cold, previous assessment extends to myself as well. Should some grave misfortune befall me (skin cancer, diet soda abuse proves cumulatively toxic, video games fried my brain) I’d like to believe that I’m in charge of my own destiny to the point of culpability. Many won’t acknowledge the arrays of poisons, detriments, and hazards we swirl about us haphazardly like some celestial Dyson vacuum tech, but the progenitors of free will might find the burden of it all staring back at them.

7/12/2014: I don’t believe in the inherent “rights” to good health since the organic sacks in which we cradle our egos aren’t created equal. Same medical opportunities, definitely. The right to not have your surroundings contaminated by some thoughtless schmuck extorting a buck, definitely. But when the pinnacle of genetics or poor choices arrives at an impasse of social responsibility, I’m hesitant (on a case-by-case basis) to recommend interference. I’ve never been a fan of kicking that can down the road.

7/11/2014: Comic-Con (and Cons in general) were/are a big thing. And why wouldn’t they? It’s never been popular to be smart, but I firmly believe that the geek shall inherit the earth. You can profit only so much from flag football and “totally not-gay” grabass with the locker room buds before the AV technician wielding a Dungeons and Dragons comprehension of probability rolls lands a cush job dictating what is and isn’t socially acceptable. And costumes? No one needs excuses beyond Halloween to dress up.

7/10/2014: Wow. After blitzing through Enterprise, the Original, and the well-executed Animated Series, my appreciation turned lamentation at the casting folly of the first six Star Trek movies. It’s like the producers discovered too late what Star Trek’s screen time was worth and flogged the wrinkly husks of the former television crew, whom weren’t even compelling actors in lower-budget productions. Aside from Shatner’s writing contributions, the story arcs were intriguing though. Good model FX too.

7/09/2014: My theory goes that picking numbers 1 through 100 is not random for many people. I’ve yet conducted surveys or anything, but my bet says we’ll gravitate towards 1 or 100, maybe 69, 66 (it’s fun to say), our age, the number in a song, or just an impressionable year. Weirdly, computers can’t even generate a true random without the help of outside forces like temperature variance or atmospheric noise. Everything we regurgitate seems to have been consumed through an algorithm of some sort.

7/08/2014: We should really grow the middle class by expanding the soil for small businesses. They’re less efficient than corporations, don’t filter their taxed earnings through the Caiman islands, and stimulate the balanced competition required for healthy progress, prices, and more. Small business don’t have automated distribution plants with streamlined internet presence, established field contacts, and grossly overpaid owners that all cut into the actual good a large chain does for the community.

7/07/2014: Did I just get peer-pressured to take a ride…. in a dream? What are the implications? That I created, then acknowledged, the opposing will of non-existent entities within the parameters of a scenario I myself concocted? It’d make more sense that the group exerted an extension of my desire to be put in that situation but I truly didn’t want to go. Or so I thought. Is it logical that I subconsciously wanted a group to test my resolve against not going? Demonstrating my willpower to no one at all?

7/06/2014: Oh look at that. Someone has to pay for Obamacare…. Well shit, a penalty for not signing up? Maybe I can wait out these fees before they become casualties of the backlash. Interesting how the bill propogates didn’t stress this in the multi-year hard sell to the public: “We CAN afford it!” It’s not the first time healthy people took the toll for smokers and the gluttonous, but that would be a fundamental tenet of “sickness socialism” then, eh? Main difference being that it’s easier to live well than become rich.

7/05/2014: If “moar guns” is the solution to American security woes, how about we pass our 1200 nuclear armament around the planet to anybody wishing to apply? (Oh, and let’s not document who has them.) We could make it as easy as flipping to the back page of MAD magazine and sending off a coupon for a dessicated packet of brine shrimp. The only way to stop a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke, after all. Never mind that first-time offenders lack distinguishing reputations from good guys.

7/04/2014: Style is just obstinance against the status quo. When that style becomes the status quo, “the stylish” flock away to lead their flock elsewhere, prepping a thing for a resurrection that they “rediscover” not two decades hence. In the case of most things apparel -a modern world of globalized cultures and immaculate memory to all time periods- the revival comes across as douchey despite the act of originality being statistically less probable. (When will powdered wigs and ruffles make a comeback?)

7/03/2014: Not that airplane screamers provide much option to even the most diligent parents, encapsulating a cadre of hostages within an echoing aluminum tube thousands of stories above the earth’s surface. Point is: babies aren’t designed to handle that scenario with any shred of remorseful dignity. They just feel their ears popping and suddenly Miller Time is the right time to protest the current TSA situation. Point is: kids can be handled with kid-gloves; but let adults be man-handled by accusing stares.

7/02/2014: People complain about baby haters, but guess what? Many avoid spawning on purpose for reasons including the squibbling grubworms’ trademark wet, screech burble. Babies don’t belong in restaurants, movies, or airplanes but should your life choices trump my own, don’t infringe the cringe receptors and take that parasite outside to rub its head or whatever you do to calm it down. Same goes for the spoon bangers. Oh no it fell on the floor! Back in the hand? No. Get that shit out of its proximity.

7/01/2014: Learning to program is much like learning a new language. Except you can’t pronounce what you’re typing. Like IMing thesis papers, maybe, to evoke belligerent chastisement for each misaligned keystroke. And this “conversation” juggles disjointed documents simultaneously, all for the sake of some primitively benign purpose: “How’s the weather?” *Does not Compute*…. So actually, programming is more like submitting erotic fan fiction to an autistic penpal with Alzheimer’s who’s a Vulcanian grammar-Nazi.