Welcome! This site is a personal project of mine and hosts the various media I dabble in. From art painted directly in Photoshop to a web comic to even downloadable novels I've slaved over, it can all be found here. Flash games have finally arrived and you can now kill time by killing bacteria or downloading amateur techno bloops.


Why do I provide stuff? Maybe I want feedback on my work. Maybe I don't have opportunities to be a corporate shill. Or maybe I'm just a nice guy and want to share my sliver of the internet?


Whatever the case, please be respectful and don't sell, rehost (without links), or try to take credit for material you find here.


Enjoy! -Mike

Contact Me: [email protected]


When does Skullduggery update?



* on temporary hiatus


* expands every other month


* "thoughts of the day" are not daily :P

* articles when the mood strikes me


* Nanocide -now complete

* New Game in development


* no plans at the moment


* new designs if requested