T-Shirts? Hells yeah.


Wrap 'em around a stick and you have a makeshift mop. Use them to

clean up after a troublesome puppy. They make excellent engine degreasers, sink when submerged, succumb to the laws of physics (including gravity™), and are available in an extremely limited set of colors. They are homemade, absorbant, washable and will keep you

from being arrested for indecent exposure. Proof: Me, being decent.-->


Like my website?


Well, it takes real money to keep it online, even without consideration for Einstein's theorized " Effort = MonetaryCosts² ". I pledge that your funds will not go towards a political movement of any kind nor even a legitimate cause, but to my own pocket for safekeeping instead.


Oh, and I'll throw in a skullduggery keychain and a 4x6 skeleton photo

as well, all for under 20 bucks including tax and shipping. </sales pitch>

(Sorry folks, the store is closed as of 2024.)

    • Free Shipping
    • Tax-Free (sorry Texas)
    • 5 Day Delivery
    • Silk Screened
    • Snug Fit
    • Average Material Thickness
Skeleton Sword Under the Hood Circuit Symmetry