“Dubya” Confuddles Me

40C2E4F33F17692AC9F49565BC758_h316_w628_m5_cSwqkvJuaThe ex-president who couldn’t pronounce “Nuclear” or “Inherent Liberties” if his life depended on it certainly has uplifting behavioral patterns post-Oval Office. While Darth Cheney waddles from the shadows to dole scathing political critiques upon every issue beneath our warm, life-giving sun, “Walker: Texas Painter” here works at perfecting his hobbies and volunteers for house-building programs in Zambia. “The Decider” has made a handful of contributions in the years following his wartime atrocities, economic failings, and assaults on American privacy (the gifts that keep giving), but his budding skills on canvas and volunteer-carpentry caused me to blink unexpectedly at a chiMpANzee I once thought I had figured out. This, of course, doesn’t change his recent abandonment of a Swiss banquet for fear of being arrested (having admitted to torturing detainees), but something in that dopey grin insists the truth of what he has been saying all along:

George W. Bush believes that his presidential choices were Right and Good.

In parting, here’s a rather sinister image of his efforts in Zambia…. unless this is a screenshot of the sneaking mechanic in the latest “Thief” video game installment.


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