Chart Fetish

chartNot to get in the habit of simply reposting material, I was directed towards some incredible charts that need to be shared. Philosophical commentary on mankind’s foibles? Check. Raw data graphs on popular trending? Check. Attractive, colorful layouts of simultaneously frivolous/crucial information? Check.
Graphophiles like me will be pleased.

Being a sucker for timelines, analysis, and interpretation, I swooned at the visul representation of things we know but may have needed proof for. Explosions sell movies, people lie about their height, the CD format is dying, and Old Folks are against gay marriage. Additionally, our military budget is huge, people are likely to have a Spring Break-up, there are a metric shit-ton of video games, and people’s Facebook statuses are constantly changing. ADDITIONALLY, vaccines are kicking ass, green-eyed black-haired people are uncommon, pumpkins don’t keep, and blogs have a surprising distribution amongst all ages. Check these out:

It doesn’t end there. If your appetite is whetted, check out the meticulously constructed entries in a steep web comic called XKCD. It’s easy to get lost for hours, so make certain to pace your experience. These are some of my favorites….

Money Chart:
Water Body Depth:
Character Proximity in Movies:
Online Community Size Map:
Optimal Tic Tac Toe Guide:
Partisan Congress:

…. But THIS blog seems to have collected them all:

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