Trayvon and Zimmerman

zimmerman_latino-thumb-640xauto-5775George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin of his own volition, even after being advised to back off by a 911 operator. I understand the acquittal due to “reasonable doubt”, but this case is not racially supercharged as the media likes to portray. It’s absurd really, since both men are a “minority” by definition and Zimmerman had a record of tutoring black children. I still hold some degree of skepticism regarding the various narratives and defendant accounts, but I see both sides of this story: One guy was simply patrolling his home while another was being trailed by an armed man. This confrontation may have even been between “innocents” as far as any of us knows, a situation that ended in the worst way due to the presence of a death-dealing weapon.

What I find interesting is how little we actually know about this case before formulating an opinion. The media is very responsible for not talking about the security of this community in which both men stayed, the eye-witness statements, or the full version of communications held between the Defendant and police (most are edited to portray a particular POV), as well as Trayvon texting to friends prior to his death.

The second link is an informative location map with call times, while the first is the best video that I’ve found to reasonably discuss the occurrence. In it, Stefan Molyneux from “” reveals facts that are rarely discussed, including Trayvon’s large stature, combat training, and drug use, as well as Zimmerman’s domestic record and previous interactions with the police. The point isn’t to prove one of the men solely responsible, but rather to define the law and what preceded the actual trial. Based on this evidence, I do find reasonable doubt in not only the credibility of both parties but I truly understand how both must have felt during that fatal night.

[Quick Edit: As of December 2013, Zimmerman is back in the spotlight for waving a shotgun at his short term girlfriend to vacate his house. I’m having a harder time seeing the defendant’s side of the debacle….]

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