Lambrecht Shakedown, 3039

  • Draconis Combine vs 12th Star Guard Mercs (Lyran employ)
  • Company vs Company, balanced by BV2
  • Mode of Play: Human vs Human, Human vs “AI”, Human vs Self
  • Special Rules: Chaos Campaign – Succession Wars
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Lambrecht Shakedown, 3039
Scenario Details
Planet Name – Lambrecht
Jump Point Distance – 7 days
Moons – None (asteroid ring)
Surface Gravity – 1.03
Atmo Pressure – Standard (Tainted)
Equatorial Temperature – 33*C
Surface Water – 82%
Highest Native Life – Reptiles
Capital – Middle Park
Population – 1,589,000,000

Lambrecht was seen as an ideal colonization target. It possessed a biosphere compatible with Terran life, water, and extensive metal ores both in the planet’s surface and in the remains of a moon lazily orbiting the sphere. Unknown to the colonists, however, was the relationship Lambrecht had to its sun. The massive G6 star’s gravity frequently surged over the world in “tides” causing earthquakes that prevented the local inhabitants from constructing large settlements and quickly destroyed any building over a few stories tall. These earthquakes are generally at the lower end of the scale but still disrupt daily life.

Being outside the buffer zone of the Free Rasalhuage Republic (designed to keep the Draconis Combine and Lyran Alliance from each other’s throats), Lambrecht is hotly contested and it exchanges conquerors every two decades. Its strategic value is questionable though this heavily populated planet would remain a proving ground for continued acts of aggression.

Invaders: Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery (DC)

Starting Warchest Points (WP): 1,000

Locust LCT-1E763203/4Chen
Locust LCT-1E 763203/4Maiko
Stinger STG-3G686203/4Ami
Stinger STG-3G686203/4Woo
Spider SDR-5V858303/4Ryoko
Jenner JR7-D1395353/4Akabata
Panther PNT-9R1061353/4Yukako
Vulcan VL-5T1300403/4Aoshima
Griffin GRF-1N1755553/4Norihisa
Quickdraw QKD-5A1650603/4Noboru
Guillotine GLT-4L2254703/4Higashikami
Hatamoto-Chi HTM-26T2120803/4Akane
TOTALS:14,969 BV485 TONS

Lambrecht Shakedown, 3039

Defenders: 12th Star Guard mercs in Lyran employ (LC)

Starting Warchest Points (WP): 1,000

Whitworth WTH-11355403/4Bartels
Centurion CN9-A1304503/4Oliver
Centurion CN9-A1304503/4Rosen
Valkyrie VLK-QA997403/4Bettina
Sentinel STN-3KB1136403/4Victor
Javelin JVN-10N820303/4Giovino
Assassin ASN-211033403/4Marwin
Panther PNT-9R1061353/4Hans
Orion ON1-V1791753/4Arnold
Enforcer ENF-4R1424503/4Louis
Victor VTR-9S1876803/4Isabel
Vulcan VL-2T886403/4Joshua
TOTALS:14,987 BV570 TONS

Lambrecht Shakedown, 3039

March 3039, 1st Deployment Briefing (Meeting Engagement)

In March 3039, the Lyran occupational force received a signal from their system monitors…. a Union class dropship, brazenly signaling the Dragon’s identification codes, would arrive within the week. The Lyrans fired up their weapons of war and eagerly watched the skies for the first signs of atmospheric breach.

Track Cost: 100 WP
Track Objective: Destroy/Cripple half the opposing force (200 WP)
Optional Bonus: Low-density minefield (100 WP)

Attackers: STG-3G (Chen) 3/4), STG-3G (Woo 3/4), QKD-5A (Noboru 3/4), GLT-4L (Higashikami 3/4); 170 tons, BV 5142

Defenders: WTH-1 (Bartels 3/4), CN9-A (Oliver 3/4), CN9-A (Rosen 3/4), VLK-QA (Bettina 3/4); 160 tons, BV 4961

March 3039, 1st Deployment Summary (Meeting Engagement), ~5 turns

Despite Lyran foresight to mine the area, Draconis forces proved too squirrelly to nail down. The bastards brought heavies with jump jets and unconventional speed. After an exchange of cautious opening salvos, the Dracs managed to muscle for position atop a central hill, raining medium laser spam down upon the defenders. Pfft – they wouldn’t have had the opportunity without the devil’s luck in initiative. Some rear shots and critical components later, two Lyran mediums’ ammo stores exploded violently, leaving nothing but indiscernible metal scraps and a lingering haze of blackened debris. So much for salvage.

Stinger/Woo internal damage
Stinger/Chen limb lost
Guillotine/Higa armor damage
Quickdraw/Noboru armor damage
+1 Quickdraw/Noboru kill count (Centurion)
+1 Guillotine/Higashikami kill count (Valkyrie)

Centurion/Oliver death – ammo explosion
Valkyrie/Bettina death – ammo explosion

Lambrecht Shakedown, 3039


+1 Guillotine/Higashikami mechwarrior gunnery improvement

+1 Enforcer/Louis mechwarrior gunnery improvement (3x cost)
+1 Centurion/Rosen mechwarrior gunnery improvement
+1 Whitworth/Bartels mechwarrior gunnery improvement

DC: 1133 WP ; LC: 565 WP

March 3039, 2nd Deployment Briefing (Breakthrough)

Energized by the glorious victory, the Combine scrambled to press the advantage and drive towards their enemy’s base of operations. Torn between overwhelming the defender with superior might or slipping past the picketing forces, our commander bravely chose the latter – we would field a lighter force, leaving the Lyran defenders behind as we pressed onwards, the ultimate goal in sight. We knew that for every enemy deployed on this battlefield it’d mean one less Steiner in the way of our final push!

Track Cost: 300 WP
Track Objective: 50% attacking force exits defender’s home edge (200 WP)
Track Objective: Destroy/Cripple 50% of the attacking force (200 WP)
Bonus Objective: Held field (100 WP)
Optional Bonus: Water hexes become ice (100 WP)

Attackers: LCT-1E (Chen 3/4), STG-3G (Woo 3/4), SDR-5V (Ryoko 3/4), VL-5T (Aoshima 3/4); 110 tons, BV 3607

Defenders: PNT-9R (Hans 3/4), STN-3KB (Victor 3/4), ENF-4R (Louis 2/4), CN9-A (Rosen 2/4); 175 tons, BV 5380

Lambrecht Shakedown, 3039

March 3039, 2nd Deployment Summary (Breakthrough), 3 turns

Do the teachings of Bushido include turning tail and fleeing the battlefield?! The Draconis worms had no intention of engaging and flew past our picket lines with unsportsman-like speed and maneuverability. Over and done in only a few volleys, feh. A frozen alpine creek is no place to snipe machines that can jump a flat 240 meters…. Radio HQ to set out the welcome mat for them – let’s see what happens when the little buggers are forced to stand and fight.

Vulcan/Aoshima armor damage
Stinger/Woo armor damage

Panther/Hans armor damage

Lambrecht Shakedown, 3039


+1 Highlander 732 purchase
+1 Mechwarrior hired (Hanzo)
+1 Highlander/Hanzo gunnery improvement (3x cost)
+1 Hatamoto/Akane gunnery improvement (3x cost)
Vulcan repaired
Stinger repaired
Stinger repaired
Guillotine repaired
Quickdraw repaired

+1 King Crab 0000 purchase
+1 Mechwarrior hired (Chad)

DC: 327 WP ; LC: 355 WP

March 3039, 3rd Deployment Briefing (Assault)

We are moments away from routing the mercenary scum, thanks to the watchful gaze of the coordinator (may his Grace shine forever upon us). We honor him and ourselves with this christened task force, a full company of the Dragon’s own. The Comstar envoy with his blanched SLDF mech best not sully the battlefield by a poor performance. It would be rather difficult to scrub the stain of mediocrity out of that white paneling.

To arms, brothers; we greet the enemy at their very gates!

Track Cost: 300 WP
Track Objective: Kill 50% of attacking force (600 WP)
Track Objective: Kill 100% of defending force (600 WP + campaign victory)
Bonus Objective: Held Field (100 WP)

Attackers: All, LCT-1E (Chen 3/4), LCT-1E (Maiko 3/4), STG-3G (Ami 3/4), STG-3G (Woo 3/4), SDR-5V (Ryoko 3/4), JR7-F (Akabata 3/4), PNT-9R (Yukako 3/4), VL-5T (Aoshima 3/4), GRF-1N (Norihisa 3/4), QKD-5A (Noboru 3/4), Guillotine (Higashikami 2/4), Hatamato-Chi (Akane 2/4), Highlander 732p (Hanzo, 3/5); 575 tons, BV 18316

Defenders: JVN-10N (Gjovino 3/4), WTH-1 (Bartels 2/4), VL-2T (Joshua 3/4), ASN-21 (Marwin 3/4), ON1-V (Arnold 3/4), VTR-9S (Isabel 3/4), KGC-0000 (Chad 4/5); 405 tons; BV 9799

Lambrecht Shakedown, 3039

March 3039, 3rd Deployment Summary (Assault), 7 turns

The dracs hit us hard and fast, bypassing the interceptors beleaguered and miles from the battlefield encircling a small desert settlement. 2-to-1 odds are intimidating though our top brass continued assurances that a 50% unit neutralization would repel the incursion. Given the radioed forewarning, friendly Lyran forces had time to prepare, setting ambush in ideal positioning along a grove of trees and irrigation ditch. Despite it all, we were out-gunned, out-numbered, and out-maneuvered. The large-bore autocannons we fielded fell short of the PPC fusillade erupting from the field’s edge, drawing us out of our encampment only to be cut down one by one. Meanwhile, hordes of lighter units flanked or jumped clear over our ranks, sowing discord and corralling our assaults into a killbox as we scraped for but one kill – ONE KILL which eluded us as the bastards cycled out their frontliners when overheated or when sustaining critical damage.

If the Coordinator wants this dustball so bad…. he can have it.
Looks like it’s time to find a new contract with fairer odds!

Guillotine/Higa armor damage
Highlander/Hanzo armor damage, pilot injured
Vulcan/Aoshima internal damage, pilot injured, limb lost, weapons lost
Stinger/Ami internal damage, pilot injured
Locust/Chen internal damage, pilot injured
Locust/Maiko internal damage, pilot injured
Spider/Ryoko internal damage
Jenner/Akabata internal damage, pilot injured, weapon lost
Quickdraw/Noboru internal damage, pilot injured, limbs lost, weapons lost

+2 Highlander/Hanzo kill count (Victor, King Crab)
+1 Guillotine/Higa kill count (Whitworth)
+1 HatamotoChi/Akane kill count (Orion)
+1 Vulcan/Aoshima kill count (Vulcan)
+2 Locust/Maiko kill count (Assassin, Javelin)

Victor/Isabel death – ammo explosion
Vulcan/Joshua death – ammo explosion
Assassin/Marwin death – engine destroyed
KingCrab/Chad death – engine destroyed
Javelin/Gjovino death – gyro destroyed + cored
Orion/Arnold death – cored
Whitworth/Bartels death – cored

Lambrecht Shakedown, 3039


Guillotine repaired (70 sp)
Guillotine rearmed (5 sp)
Highlander repaired (90 sp)
Highlander rearmed (15 sp)
Hanzo healed (100 sp)
Stinger repaired (60 sp)
Ami healed (100 sp)
Griffin rearmed (5 sp)
Locust repaired (60 sp)
Chen healed (100 sp)
Locust repaired (60 sp)
Maiko healed (100 sp)
Vulcan repaired (120 sp)
Aoshima healed (100 sp)
Spider repaired (90 sp)
Jenner repaired (105 sp)
Jenner rearmed (5 sp)
Akabata healed (100 sp)
HatamotoChi rearmed (5 sp)
Quickdraw repaired (180 sp)
Quickdraw rearmed (5 sp)
Nobru healed (200 sp)
Panther rearmed (5 sp)
560 wp cost

Campaign Summary, DC Landslide Victory – For the glory of the coordinator!

Remaining – Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery: 167 WP final

Locust/Chen – 3 deployments
Stinger/Woo – 3 deployments
Quickdraw/Noboru – 2 deployments, 1 kill
Guillotine/Higa – 2 deployments, 2 kills
Vulcan/Aoshima – 2 deployments, 1 kill
Spider/Ryoko – 2 deployments
Highlander/Hanzo – 1 deployment, 2 kills
Locust/Maiko – 1 deployment, 2 kills
HatamotoChi/Akane – 1 deployment, 1 kill
Griffin/Norihisa – 1 deployment
Jenner/Akabata – 1 deployment
Panther/Yukako – 1 deployment
Stinger/Ami – 1 deployment

Remaining – 12th Star Guards in Lyran employ: 55 WP final

Centurion/Rosen – 2 deployments
Sentinel/Victor – 1 deployment
Panther/Hans – 1 deployment
Enforcer/Louis – 1 deployment

Whitworth/Bartels – 2 deployments
Centurion/Oliver – 1 deployment
Valkyrie/Bettina – 1 deployment
Victor/Isabel – 1 deployment
Vulcan/Joshua – 1 deployment
Assassin/Marwin – 1 deployment
KingCrab/Chad – 1 deployment
Javelin/Gjovino – 1 deployment
Orion/Arnold – 1 deployment

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