Welcome! Back in 2010, this site was conceived as a collaboration hub for friends and family but quickly morphed into a personal outlet for any minor thing I sought to experiment with. From Photoshop paintings to a web comic to bizarre, tongue-in-cheek novels, it can be found here. I'd like to think my work has improved but some of the media didn't age too well it seems - yikes.


Why do I do it? Maybe I want to contribute. Maybe I have a drive to create. Or maybe I'm just a weirdo yelling into the void as some form of catharsis? I despise social media and don't mind eternal obscurity. Ya can't tame the wind, baby.


Whatever the case, please be respectful and don't sell, rehost (without links), or try to take credit for material you find here.


Enjoy! -Mike

Contact Me: [email protected]


When does Skullduggery update?



* on prolonged hiatus


* expands every other month


* "Thoughts of the Day" are no longer daily :P

* articles when the mood strikes me


* "Nanocide" -built with Flash so it triggers security alerts

* "Other Void" -abandoned due to unexpected file loss


* will host esoteric game docs eventually


* closed as of 2024