Monster Hunter World

Alright fine, I take it back – Wyverns have ears!

Game Name: Monster Hunter World (2018)
Developer: Capcom (Streetfighters, Resident Evils, Megamanszs, Devil May Crys)
Platform: PC, PS4, XBone (reviewed on PC -> PS4 controller, and w/ ICEBORNE DLC)
Categories: Single Player Origins, Multiplayer (Rarely Required), Fantasy Violence, Creature Stalking, Crafting and Preparation, Traps, Bombs, Nets, Tranquilizers, Fishing, Beast Mounts, Dozens of Weapon Types, Combos, Power Moves, Bows/Arrows, “Miniguns”, Hulking Mobile Cannons, Massive Swords, Aerial Combat, Evolving Playstyle, No Experience Levels, Personal IRL Growth, Gorgeous Environments, Lighthearted Tone, 20-50 Minute Sessions, Deceptively Complex, Wilderness Exploration, Arena Battles, Classic/Dated Sounds, Cat Pal Customization, Collectibles, Inventory Management, License Crossovers, Grinding Galore, Tribal Aesthetic, Worthwhile DLC, Seasonal Events, Post-Release Freebies, Unlimited Missions/Challenges, Lame Story, Deliberate Controls, Vivid and Enthralling Monsters and Environs, Customizable Gear with Endless Possibility

May Appeal To: OCD grinders, stat crunchers, meta gamers, tag team warriors, those that only want sporadic 30 minute romps against colorful, frightening boss monsters.
May Repulse: the opposite of whomever this appeals to!

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